Truly beautiful Space Star Registry folder specially designed for the desired occasion.

Space Chart

Colorful space chart designed by Space Star Registry of all constellations with their names

Complimentary letter

A Space Star Registry complimentary letter touching the heart of every recipient

Certificate of Registration

Authentic sealed and signed by the Space Star Registry certificate with the star coordinates and name

Card with your wish

Awesome Space Star Registry greeting card where the recipient can directly receive the greeting typed by you on the card in our webpage.


Space Star Registry envelope that fits the whole package

Recently named stars

Star name Star coordinates
Д-р Ася Иванова Чакърова RA 03:44:40.90 +46:05:59.00 dec 6.11 mag
Даниел Петров RA 19:28:20.80 +02:55:49.00 dec 5.85 mag
Симона Христова RA 18:42:22.50 -64:38:35.00 dec 6.37 mag
Маргарита RA 21:47:44.20 -30:53:54.00 dec 5.01 mag
ИВЕЛИНА RA 05:05:23.70 +01:10:39.00 dec 6.17 mag
Павел98 RA 10:41:51.30 -79:47:00.00 dec 5.97 mag
SPRIGLOVE02091998 RA 12:11:31.40 -51:21:34.00 dec 6.23 mag
Ралица Дякова RA 18:23:02.90 +16:41:17.00 dec 6.22 mag
Александър Красимиров Каменов RA 23:46:01.20 -40:10:57.00 dec 6.31 mag
JOKER S.P RA 15:28:44.50 +47:12:05.00 dec 6.15 mag